vendredi, avril 07, 2006

Every Day a Link - The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée.

Dear Daily City (and regions and villages) Photographers.I shall visit your sites again and I try to make a new link everyday. I make it like a travel around the world in a geographic way. My route begins in the North of France, Then I'm going to the North of Europa, then... I hope I shall have a good virtual travel. With you my dear friends, I'm sure I make a good virtual travel... A photo everyday, yes, whan I'm at home.
perle de rosée.
Posted by perle de rosée to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 4/07/2006 02:32:00 AM


At ven. nov. 03, 04:38:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Nicola said...

Very nice idea!
Posted by Nicola to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 4/09/2006 11:43:00.


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