dimanche, avril 30, 2006

74. Chapelle-Colonne de l'Avesnois.

I am writing anaother blog (link on the title of this message) about this small chappells which one can see in dozens, in hundreds in the Avesnois. At the edge of the way or in the middle in the town in a wall, in a hedge, in front of a house like here or at a crossroads. In the past times people used to go when they were religious fests in processions from one chapell to another... The typical chappell of the Avesnois is made out of blue stone which is extracted on the Mont de Baives, another high point of the Avesnois (230 meters high). They are called column chapell because they are made of a column on which or in which is a small hole with a statue which is often of the Virgin Mary. They are also saints. They are called also "Oratoires".

A village Cartignies has more than hundred chappells. I know two in Pont-sur-Sambre, but there are perharps more and this one is in Anor (highest point in the North) where there are severals.

Perle de Rosée.

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