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73. Spring on the highest point of the North.

Where is the highest point of the North of France ? At the Mont Cassel ? Mont Noir ? Mont des Cats, in the flamish country ? No... No... No...
Here in the Avesnois. It is 270 m high. Not already a mount, but on a high plain at the border of the mountain Ardennes. The highest point of the department Nord (North) is at a place (lieu-dit). - one lieu-dit is a part of a village, but outside of the village itself - named Le Point du Jour.
It is a really beautiful name and means Daybreak. It is near the french-belgian frontier in the East of Anor and not far from the department Aisne. This highest point in the department "North" is between the rivers which flows in the Sambre and the river which flows to the Oise, and from there to the Seine which flows in Paris.
The Sambre flows to the North-East to the Meuse in Belgium. the Oise flows in the Seine and from there in the Channel, so this high point of the North separate on one part the waters of the North Sea and of the Channel.
The little river which flows through Anor is called "Eau d'Anor' and floes then to the Oise.
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Now, we are crossing though a little part of the Mediteranean Sea and we stop our virtual boat in Ste Maxime, Côte d'Azur. it's the french riviera and a country were the weather is always good : Sainte Maxime Daily Photo.
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