lundi, avril 24, 2006

68. Poor tree.

I took this photo in Le Quesnoy (West Avesnois), not far from the Etang called Etang du Pont Rouge which you can see on the photo just below. You can see yourself what it is, a tree with a very big circumference (in Europe the trees do not grow so high like the sequoias of California which are becoming 100 m high, it is perharps because the men always cut them), a tree which is in the North of France 30 or 30 m high is a tall tree.
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Now from Rome where I'm so in the South of Europe, I am taking my seven miles boots to walk until South Africa to Bloemfountain (it means in afrikaans, a language which is near to the dutch and the flemisch, the fountain of flowers). There we look together at the photos of Marieta, before returning to Europe in a few day again and I have not forgotten the other friends of my continent whom I shall visit a few days later. So, we are looking to-day at Bloemfontein Daily Photo.
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