samedi, avril 22, 2006

66. The Gilles of Pont-sur-Sambre.

Those people are named the Gilles. They have big hats on their heads , and they are all big because their clothes are fulled with straw. They do not bear their big hats the whole time. There are also Gilles in Binche in Belgium, but they never leave their town. Our Gilles leave sometimes Pont-sur-Sambre for a defilé in the neighborhood. On their clothes, they have the Lion of Belgium and the colors of Belgium black, yellow and red although we are in France and although they are french Gilles. In the 17. century Belgium and the North of France were the same land and they were ruled by the king of Spain. There were named the spanish Netherlands (netherlands means lowlands). In the part of North of France near the North Sea it was spoken flamish ( a variety of dutch), and it is always spoken there in some families.
Perle de rosée
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