mercredi, avril 19, 2006

63. Church St Pierre in Fourmies

This is the church in the midtown of Fourmies (in the East Avesnois). Its name is St Pierre. I have taken the photos by going downstairs from the place where it stands a little above the street St Louis, which is the Main Street of the town.
A few years ago a music teacher who teached at the same secondary school like me at this time let play and sing here from the children regional choir a Requiem which he composed. It was an a 13th August and the weather was so hot, that the North people and singers who stood and sat in the church, who don't use to have a so hot temperature, went sick and fell in unconsciencness to the ground. All people ? No.. A lot of people ? No.. But about 20 people and singing girls fell on the bottom. So that the organization of the concert brought many bottles of water to the church so that the people could drink during the concert.
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I have only to sail from the Rhine to the Mosel at Koblenz to go to Trier and to look at Sebastian Photos. Trier is a very beautiful town, I can say it, because I saw Trier with my eyes last December.
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