dimanche, avril 16, 2006

60. Do you want to get confettis ?

This little boyes are thowing confettis on the crowd at the feast of Mi-Carême (carnaval parade) in Pont-sur-Sambre. They have clothes of sailors because they are in a ship (with wheels).
Perle de Rosée.
Posted by Perle de Rosée on 3:15 AM, 4,16, 2006.


(will be later updated)

Another photo of the same ship with the same children on the supplement : Here.




The virtual travel of Perle de Rosée

or the link of Sunday : Tungesta in Sweden.

Yesterday I discovered a new blog. The one of Stefan Jannson of Tungelsta in Sweden. So I must sail again though the Baltic Sea to visit Tungelsta which I could visit yesterday on the way to Estonia. It is a little more way for my virtual ship/ Whereto shall I sail to-morrow ? Ah,ah ! that's must stay a mystery until to-morrow..; the blog of Tungelsta is named Photos from Haninge.
Perle de Rosée
Posted by perle de rosée, 2:56 AM, 4, 14, 06.


At ven. nov. 03, 04:03:00 PM 2006, Anonymous Stefan Jansson said...

Re-edit of an old comment of Stefan Jannson on the message "The link of Sunday" : Tungelsta in Sweden".
Glad you found me!


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