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57. Jeanjean and his bearers.

  • There is a bearer in the giant Jeanjean. When the giants are greater, there are several bearers. Jeanjean has also two other men which have the same clothes as he, who held him on the sides so that he cannot fall on the side.
  • Perle de Rosée.

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Perle de Rosée.


At dim. oct. 15, 05:00:00 PM 2006, Blogger perle de rosée said...

Answer I made to a comment of Nicola on this picture (I shall find again the comment later) :
Yes, but underneath there is only one strong man. In other taller giants there can be until 3 men underneath.

Posted by perle de rosée to Pont-sur-Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 4/14/2006 01:10:24 AM

At dim. nov. 12, 10:43:00 AM 2006, Anonymous Nicola said...

How do they carry it ? Is someone underneath ?
Posted by Nicola of Wiesbaden Daily Photo to Pont sur Sambre and Avesnois Daily Photo at 4/13/2006 10:09:07 PM.


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