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51. Local architecture.

Here is a house in Fourmies, it is a house of the Main Street, the street St Louis, of the street where are all the shops, with an insurance shop on the floor. It is a typical way to build in the North of France, with red bricks. But on the street the buildings are very eclectic, traditional houses, houses like antique temples, houses which look like antique temples and so on... In the past Fourmies was a town whith much wool industry. Fourmies has a great past and its houses, also if they are not so big like in Paris or Lille, have much character.
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I'm going first to the blog of Andreaa of Brussels because it's the nearest town of Daily Photo Blogs to Pont-sur-Sambre. There are only 90 km from here to Brussels and it is nearest as Paris. Look at Brussels Day by Day. To-morrow I take the virtual plane to..... Psst!

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